#crazysocks4docs - Stop the mental health stigma in medicine

Online - #crazysocks4docs

Prepare your odd socks for 1 June. 

Join 100's of doctors, medical students, health leaders, clinicians and many other supporters in promoting and de-stigmatising mental health in medicine.

You can follow hashtag #crazysocks4docs in social media, as well follow @crazysocks4docs Twitter handle.

Read about how this campaign successfully started by a passionate advocate for de-stigmatising mental health in medical culture, Dr Geoff Toogood - Campaign started on 1 June 2017 - read more

The message needs to get out there that doctors need to look after each other, so that we can look after everyone else.” said Dr Geoff Toogood - dedicated website for the Campaign -

Many local SA medical organisations are also joining the Campaign, including:

South Australian Salaried Medical Officers Association (SASMOA) - view more on their SASMOA Facebook page

AMA(SA) on Twitter -

Australian Medical Placements (AMPHEaT) - on their Facebook & LinkedIn