The Doctors’ Health SA Program

The Doctor’s Health SA program

*Telemedicine services for rural doctors are planned for 2016. 
The DHSA program is designed to

1. reduce the barriers to doctors and students needing medical advice

2. improve the health of doctors and medical students

3. provide easier access to a doctor for those who do not currently have a GP.

4. offer a coordinated suite of activities which facilitate this

5. promote choice, privacy, confidentiality and professionalism.

6. innovate to find solutions.

Help is available by phone or email, or by attending our after-hours clinic at 327 South Terrace, Adelaide or one of the General Practices in our network.

Many different trained GPs work within the DHSA GP Network. All are experienced and caring General Practitioners who have a keen interest in doctors’ health and undertake accredited training in doctors’ health and the importance of professionalism and confidentiality.

The end goal of DHSA activities is to make sure that doctors and students enjoy all of the benefits of on-going prevention, check-ups and GP care that includes providing access to the wider health system.

General enquiries
Call 8232 1250 or email

Make an appointment at the After Hours Clinic at 327 South Terrace. If you prefer, find a suitable GP from our GP Network.

Urgent confidential advice (24/7)
Call 8366 0250.