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At DHSA , we believe that having a GP for your ongoing care is essential.

The benefits of having your own GP include:
– being your independent advocate in the health system
– with their own set of independent referral networks
– a medical generalist who is trained in early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of physical and mental illnesses
– recall and reminder systems
– ability to construct an accurate and complete medical record
– phone advice and follow-up
– GP-specific services such as mental health plans.

At DHSA, we place great importance on doctors and students having their own GP in the community.

We have grown our community-based GP network of very experienced primary care doctors who have received additional training needed to meet the specific needs of doctors and medical students.

We are looking to build this network to over 100 GPs by the end of 2017.

They work from their private practices across the state.

All members of our network have a keen interest in doctors’ health and uphold high standards of professionalism and confidentiality.

Please note that this service is available ONLY to registered doctors and medical students.

If you are NOT a registered member of the medical profession, please do NOT proceed.  

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  • Dr. Michael Adams
    13 Laffers Road
    Belair SA
    8278 0400

  • Dr. Dennis Ankor
    Wirreanda on Wheatsheaf Surgery,
    24-26 Wheatsheaf Rd,
    Morphett Vale, SA
    7127 6718

  • Dr. Christine Brown
    Hallett Cove Corner Surgery,
    10 Ramrod Ave,
    Hallett Cove, SA
    8322 2077

  • Dr. Robyn Cooper
    Linden Park Medical Clinic,
    412 Portrush Rd.,
    Linden Park, SA
    8379 1751

  • Dr. Penelope Dargaville
    Health on Kensington,
    252 Kensington Rd.,
    Leabrook, SA
    8364 4511

  • Dr. Peter Del Fante
    Wakefield St Family Practice,
    265 Wakefield St,
    Adelaide, SA
    8223 3918

  • Dr. Anke Doley
    Victor Medical Centre,
    65 Ocean St,
    Victor Harbor, SA
    08 8551 3200

  • Dr. Alison Edwards
    Broughton Clinic,
    22 Bay St,
    Pt. Broughton, SA
    8635 2282

  • Dr. Jill Ewing
    The Murray Clinic,
    500 Magill Rd.,
    Magill, SA
    8331 9061

  • Dr. Noni Ferguson
    Goolwa Medical Centre,
    9 Crocker St,
    Goolwa, SA
    8555 2404

  • Dr. Graham Fleming
    Tumby Bay Medical Centre,
    8 Esplanade,
    Tumby Bay, SA
    8688 2020

  • Dr. Peng Gao
    Wakefield Plains Medical Clinic,
    10 War Memorial Drive,
    Balaclava, SA
    8862 1444